The highest video clip resolution the Pocket DV2 can manage is by , at nine frames per second. Its dodgy image quality counts against it, but if you can tolerate the low-fi look, the Pocket DV2’s long feature list and ease of use make it a big winner, for the money. It pays to keep that fact in mind when you’re playing with the Pocket DV2. Engaged this low a price, and so many other features. You can also use Mega DV Manager to copy files from the camera and organise them into galleries, but that can be done better by about other programs, since the Pocket DV2 is just a removable drive to the computer, so anything can see it. I really like this little thing. Colour saturation is good, white balance is fine, focus is OK toy-cams with fixed focus lenses do not do well on close subjects , and it’s not too grainy.

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But, again, this is all to be expected.

AIPTEK Pocket DV H Price in the Philippines and Specs |

It runs from two AA aiptek pocket dv, and will run for quite a long time from rechargeables. It comes with a little tripod. I like it a lot. The Pocket DV2 is supposed aiptek pocket dv allow file transfer but not Webcam operation with Macintoshes, as well.

But it didn’t work well for me. And this, for the time being at least, is the king of the toy-cams. Behold – this one was even worse. This “temporal compression” is a great thing for file size – because most video frames are quite similar to the frame before them – but it’s a nightmare if you want to edit, because only the aiptek pocket dv “keyframes” exist as stand-alone entities; everything else is a “delta frame”, defined by what comes before it, back to the last keyframe.


CompactFlash cards are specified in the same misleading way as hard drives; a “Mb” card will probably have , bytes of ddv on aiptek pocket dv, which is only real megabytes.

It pays to keep that fact in mind when you’re playing with the Pocket DV2.

Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 from “high performance” alkaline AAs, but aiptek pocket dv bench aiptek pocket dv supply and ammeter suggest otherwise.

Tape transports don’t like being shaken. I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of the bizarre internal memory issue; if you get a Pocket DV2 with this problem, and return it, it would appear that you may be sent another defective camera. That gets old, I think, faster than anything else in human history has ever gotten old.

The D60 can, of course, accept zoom lenses that’ll bring you a lot closer to the action. More on that soon. But real digicams, like mine aiptek pocket dv, most certainly do not shoot video, for reasons philosophically analogous to those that keep cup-holders out of Formula 1 cars.

Using it The Pocket DV2 is very simple to use, despite its plethora of functions. Both audio and video clips can be as long as you like, within the limitations of the memory available and the life of the batteries.

Remove aiptek pocket dv frames you want, dump to original format, no recompression to hurt your image quality.

Power consumption Aiptek recommend you run the Pocket DV2 from “high performance” alkaline AAs, but my bench power supply and ammeter suggest otherwise. The highest video clip resolution the Pocket DV2 aiptek pocket dv manage is byat nine frames per second. And, heck, maybe if you buy a Pocket DV2, you’ll get a camera that actually works properly anyway.


Aiptek Pocket DV2 digital camera

But the Pocket DV2 I got to play with only has half that amount. This camera takes good pictures, by pocet standards of toy-cams. The LCD is a 1. Now there’s a aiptek pocket dv one! Which ain’t great, but is about all you can expect a camera this cheap and tiny to be able to encode. And there’s some version or other of Microsoft’s free-to-download-and-included-in-current-Windows-versions NetMeetingand an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the paper documentation. I’ve recompressed the above clip using DivX 4.

But with aiptek pocket dv or Mb of memory, you can store a quite useful number of images and video clips.

Aiptek Pocket DV T Specs – CNET

You don’t even have to read much of the manual; VirtualDub automatically warns you when you’re doing things that you might not actually want to aiptek pocket dv.

Start capturing video and the screen rate drops back to the rate of the video clip, though. That option’s accessible with only three control actions, though, so it’s easy enough to do. Plcket are two reasons why you might want to use the optical viewfinder instead of the LCD. It happened pocjet every fourth time I performed either operation.