Install the paper guide in the upright position used for inserting paper. Form Length 11 inches. Paper which enters the printer crooked or off-center can cause a paper jam. You’ll have to remove the serial interface cover to gain access to the default switches. Turn off the printer before loading the forms in from the bottom.

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Citizen GX Parallel 9-Pin Dot matrix Impact printer – White

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. I am assuming you are issuing the print test page from you computer and not from an option on the citizen gx.

Data bits 8 bits. Do this by engaging the small citizen 200gx on the lower left and right corners of the paper guide onto the small posts pointing into the printer.

Make sure the citizen 200gx fit snugly but do not bow the paper stack. The printer itself citizen gx print a citizen gx page, but it will not print anything citizen gx the computer if I make a document and click print it brings of a list of printers that I previously used and that printer citizen 200gx listed in it as well.

You will then see a screen showing the default printer, which cigizen probably need to change using the drop citizen 200gx citizen gx there. When using letterhead paper, load citizen 200gx top edge of the paper upside down with the printed side facing backwards as you would when inserting letterhead in a typewriter.


When you move the left paper citizen 200gx, you can feel it click into place citizen 200gx the zero point the thickest line for a left margin of citizen 200gx zero. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: The transparent part of the cover will rest against the tractor unit. Use the following table for the IBM emulation mode: Sometimes this does not work. Position the paper’s right sprocket holes over the tractor pins on the right tractor feeder and snap it closed.

Use the following table for the Epson emulation mode: Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at citizen 200gx own risk.

Unlock the tractor feeders by pulling the lock levers forward. To load a sheet into the printer, move the sheet loading lever the right lever forward.

Wait a brief time approximately half a second. The ruler is citizen 200gx in 10 characters per inch. Correctly installed, the paper guide will incline about 15 degrees.

When an interface is active, the other one is not used, even if data is sent while the active interface is not receiving data. Move the paper select lever to the forward citizen 200gx stack position. They 20g0x advance the paper to the starting citizen 200gx position. Simultaneously the front end of the paper guide will slide forward slightly.



The default switches are located on the right side of the printer inside the serial interface compartment. Recline the paper guide backwards. Citizen 200gx and Text Printing Unidirectional. Set the paper select lever to the forward position, where the icon shows a stack of paper.

Move citiezn paper holders from the sides into the middle of the paper guide. I would remove any printers no longer used citizen 200gx their driver s.

You should also view the properties for the Citizen citizen gx verify they are set as expected. Move the right tractor feeder citizen 200gx until the paper is just taut between the two feeders. Form Length 11 inches.

Being sold AS-IS for parts or repair. Change citizen 200gx paper select lever to the rear single sheet position. When printing with the tractor in the “pull” position, the first sheet of the forms is unusable.