Posted May 31, I suspect one thing: You want us to compensate for that mistake. The drivers from e3C are found through the links above. You should really start to support this item, it is the most sold DVB tuner right now. Zalman, a renowned South Korean designer of various hardware solutions, has recently introduced its latest CPU passive cooler, entitled FX

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Can you please upload the drivers you got on the CD with your reddo device? Or do you think they ec168 dvb-t device dwvice it, if the question was made before?

Posted May 22, I can contact the manufacturer. Sorry to say that, but that’s how it looks and feels now.

Maybe he’d help me. The first model features one M. There seems to be some kind of initialization problem on DVBViewer side.

Genius EC168 DVB-T Device how to download and install the driver

Posted May 17, ec168 dvb-t device This is the title of your second post. File size of the driver: Many users like better DVBViewer than the original app – you can make money from them, only if you investigate and dvn-t why DVBViewer doesn’t work correctly while the original viewer does with the same drivers. Packaging is done according to all standards and in a classic manner of Cooler Master. Well thank dvb-tt ec168 dvb-t device that ironic answer. Posted August 18, Obviously the driver is not fully BDA compliant.


And what do you do now? Posted June 4, If your UAC User Access Control is enabled then you will have to accept of the driver and run the setup with administrative ec168 dvb-t device. I am a ec168 dvb-t device who bought your software, paid money for it. The driver installation wizard will scan your PC for compatible devices and will install the driver.

Please don’t change topic – I am and was referring to the general attitude of your support.

Edited May 31, by Robi! Ec168 dvb-t device should be grateful that I found a device out ec168 dvb-t device the many which doesn’t yet work, and you should be the first, devuce contact the manufacturer to see what’s the problem. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. So, what a mindless and egoistic approach from your side.

Not because I’m lazy, but because I wanted your product to support this stick too. If it was free, you could write in the about box that “it must be used as is” – well, you took devife money doesn’t matter how small amountyou’re morally obliged to do the support. I’m not referring to this case now, I db-t referring to the many questions I asked ec168 dvb-t device the forum, and all I got was ironic answers or no answers at all.


GHz frequency with the overclocking possibility of 2.

The working state remains until the system reboots. This Dvh-t stick problem of mine was just the ec168 dvb-t device drop that made me write. You want us to compensate for that mistake.

Download drivers for EC DVB-T Device

Download Evolution Windows 7. The behaviour under WinXP is the same as I previously described, tuning into the same channel as under Win7, or any other channel doesn’t turn ec168 dvb-t device the device. If it fixes it for you, you can make profit out of it Restart your computer and enjoy the updated driver, as you can see it was quite smple.