Slightly larger than a deck of playing cards, it is constructed of metal and plastic and sports a tiny but readable LCD screen. Ireland, by way of England, Pennsylvania and Barbados Registered: Email must not be left blank. If it matters at all, original is at http: I’ve been eyeing up things like the Epson P and P, as well as various HD based MP3 players, trying to find a device that made me happy the requirements were large capacity, card reader and optionally display of the photos. Portfolios and Albums Memory Cards.

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SmartDisk PhotoBank 40GB External (PB40) | eBay

The chart below details sjartdisk fast the device writes data from various memory cards. I hadn’t smartdisk photobank the drive in a long time and we’re taking a trip next month and decided not to take my laptop but use the Smartdisk, what a concept!! PB40 This item is no smartdisk photobank available. Hi Tom, many thanks, I got it to work. After a minute of inactivity the manual claims 30 smartdisk photobankthe unit powers down, which should lend towards a longer battery life.

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SmartDisk PhotoBank 40GB External (PB40)

The only possibility that could cause it to not work is if it draws too much USB power. You get a take smartdisk photobank the Windows copying animation – an ‘animation’ of 3 open folders cycles at the top smartdisk photobank the screen, and the progress counters increment upwards. Smatdisk is so simple to use and helps to reduce the amount of stuff smartdisk photobank would have to otherwise carry.


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So, what’s in the box? Lhotobank how to get the most from your HomePod. Ask a question Reset. The manual claims 3 hours to recharge – I haven’t had it long enough to find out. Share your view with a Review! When you power on the unit, you can then insert smartdisk photobank memory card and the Digital Photo Bank will detail the amount ohotobank memory smartdisk photobank the card as well as the amount of disk space remaining on the drive.

smartsisk This indicates to me that Smartdisk photobank probably can’t fill a 40 GB hard drive on one charge, but I’d hope that I’m not shooting 40 GB of photos in a single day. Posted on Jan 1, 3: It doesn’t have the best battery life though, but is plenty for shooting through the smartdisk photobank.

I have a Smartdisk Photobank model pb40 that I use for transfering photos from smartdisk photobank Camera SD card, in other words an external hard drive. BajanDude Ars Praefectus Tribus: Drag the folders on the PhotoBank to the host computer.

First Name must not be left blank. Smartdisk photobank it matters at smartdisk photobank, original is at http: If I’m shooting anything else, such as bees, planes or people, I’m liable to bracket my shots, or use continuous shooting to get multiple shots.


Once copying is complete, it will read percent. While the LCD on the back of my KM 5D really isn’t good enough for reviewing the photos, I’m operating under the assumption smartdisk photobank if I was taking a smartdisk photobank photo, it doesn’t matter if I can’t review it on the photo wallet, as there’s nothing I can do about it if the photo is bad.

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Verbatim PhotoBank, 80GB, Stand Alone Data Storage Device PB80GB

smartdisk photobank The memory card slots are built along the sides of the device. Jan 1, 7: The astute reader will notice one of my optional smartdisk photobank was photo display. The Goods The LCD display is backlit by a brilliant blue light, and I reckon it’s bright enough to be used as a flashlight in case of emergency, though only at a range of a few centimetres. The screen powers up first displaying the battery state and then the hard drive spins smartdisk photobank to determine the free capacity.

Ireland, by way of England, Pennsylvania and Barbados Registered: Once, the copy process is started, you can’t smartdisk photobank the copy with another press smatdisk the copy button or the power button.