Find More Posts by W-Tiggeh. Intel E, Audigy 2 driver v6. Not working with win7 64 bit m-audi fast track ultra OR asio4all – September 29, by magnus0re. Wow This plug-in fixed my problem with my audigy 4 sound card, before music sounded like total shit, especially since i have a lot of mp3’s which are recorded in variable bit rate and were being resampled to what seemed lower quality and i could hear this horrible hissing noise. I too can not get output via this plug in. The differences are there and real on my system however. I have downlloaded the.

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It also makes winamp use MORE cpu than usual, that sucks. Great improvement in sound without any noise and statics very clear can amlify very loud without distortion! What a time winamp asio. I tried the alternative from the Japanese guy mentioned here. I didn’t know ASIOforall was needed. Sorry for bad English. Most cards by default do not lock winamp asio sample rate, which is good news, as the sound card will adapt to whatever sample rate is offered.

ASIO4ALL and Winamp? | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

winamp asio I searched for “ASIO” in these forums and found only one mention of this out of threads here: Better use this one: Find More Posts by bluedakota. ASIO is rather picky in terms of bit depth. Thanks for winamp asio help!


Did you perhaps enable 24bit playback? Find More Posts by sonnysavage. Makes a huge difference – This is a great plugin if it’s compatible with winamp asio equipment.

Some other apps that use ASIO winamp asio similarly. With internal sound card have some glitches – need to disable in this case.

In general, ASIO drivers are not capable of handling winamp asio applications at the same time. If you are look for ASIO support stay away from this and go over to http: I winamo can not winamp asio output via this plug in.

Wijamp files cannot be launched. I got the plug in to open winamp asio Winamp5 however it did not play any mp3s, i didn’t try waves because if it didn’t play mp3s then its worthless to me.

ASIO4ALL and Winamp?

And any difference you “hear” is placebo anyway. Works like a charm and indeed sounds much better on my M-Audio Delta Winamp asio have a problem though, when output is routed through the ASIO plugin the volume slider on Winamp no longer has any effect winamp asio all and every winamp asio I minimise or maximise a window I get winaamp slight pause in output sound.


Find More Posts by Sawg. As for the person who asked if SRC winamp asio work wsio this, i doubt it unless the auther of the winamp SRC filter updated to allow it to hook into any output plugin. Find More Posts by brucemck2. Runs fine on Vista 32 – Not sure if I can detect an improvement in sound quality Toshiba AS; integrated Realtek audio, output via head phone jack to stereo system with good quality speakers but the plugin works fine on this Vista SP1 system.

But it does work with asio4all. I have a SB Live!

ASIO output Plugin

Find More Posts by flocksoft. I use it with asio4all, which I installed before using this plugin, as winamp asio plugin would not work with my casiop driver. Originally posted by tijuana ASIO is much better winamp asio of 1 reason: Kicks butt with the Axio EQ.

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